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Upgrade Your Wellness Routine with Massy Arias - GymFitly - Health and Fitness

Upgrade Your Wellness Routine with Massy Arias

With 2020 being a wild year to say the least, many of us found ourselves falling into unhealthy habits. While we understand that transitioning into a new normal and shaking off those familiar practices may be tough, know that the first step to a happier, healthier you can start with smart snacking.

There is a huge connection between what we choose to eat and how we feel. Massy Arias, Los Angeles-based Certified Personal Trainer and celebrity health and wellness coach, will be the first to tell you that leveling up your wellness game can be as easy as following a tried-and-true formula: eating the right foods and finding a way to move your body daily. A healthy lifestyle doesn’t require glitz, glamour or a complicated regimen — start with the basics and build upon that!

Whether you’ve been neglecting self-care or looking to switch up your health and fitness program, Massy’s go-to training circuit and favorite snack-hacks can help you feel your best. Massy reiterates that the key to increasing physical activity, embracing self-care and improving your overall state of well-being is choosing to consume the right ‘natural fuel’ — foods that have energy-boosting nutrients, like a handful of almonds, to keep you vitalized and focused through your workout and day.

“Everyday movement is an absolute must. When you take care of yourself, you’re taking care of the people around you too,” Massy explains. “Personally, I love snacking on almonds and fruit together. It’s easy to make the excuse that we don’t have the energy to do something, but many aren’t aware that simply eating a handful of almonds [23 to be exact] contains major nutrients that your body needs to dominate every hour.”

You can enjoy Massy’s round-up of tasty, almond-powered pre- or post-workout snacks here. Just one serving (1 oz.) delivers a variety of vitamins and minerals, such as 6 grams of protein, 4 grams of fiber, 20% of your daily value of magnesium and 50% of your daily value of vitamin E., to keep you feeling powerful and engaged on your goals.

When you fuel good, you feel good and can accomplish so much more. Ready to level-up your everyday routine? Massy has laid out some of her most effective moves to inspire greatness. Massy recommends that each workout is performed back-to-back as a circuit with no rest in between. This beginner-level circuit training routine is a great way to get your heart pumping! You can also perform this physique-shaping routine with Massy herself by watching her LIVE movement class here.

Overall Circuit Time: 15 minutes

Squat with Standing Rotation:

  1. Standing with legs shoulder width apart, you’ll take a deep inhale and lower yourself down.
  2. Exhale and stand up. Twist to one side of your body (rotating at the hips) and reach arm above head.
  3. Squat down and repeat on the other side of the body.

High Plank:

  1. Start in a high plank position with arms shoulder width apart. Make a straight line from shoulder to wrist while tucking your hips under to engage the core.
  2. Squeezing thighs together, you will keep your arms straight while pushing away from the floor with heels of the palms.
  3. Maintain this position for the duration of the exercise.

Lateral Toe Touch:

  1. Start in a standing straddle position.
  2. Reach your right arm toward your left toe as you bend your left knee, shifting your weight towards your left hip and keeping your right leg straight.
  3. Repeat with opposite side and alternate for the duration of the exercise.

Bicycle Crunches:

  1. Start with your back against a mat and hands behind your head. Start reaching your right elbow to your left knee. Always keep your left elbow and right leg on the floor.
  2. Alternate sides of the body. Use the elbow that remains on the floor to help lift your upper back completely while performing the bicycle crunches.

Hip Bridge:

  1. Start with knees bent and back on the floor.
  2. Curl your hips under while tucking rib cage down and raise your hips to the ceiling to find glutes.
  3. Inhale and bring hips down.
  4. Repeat for the duration of the exercise

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