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School’s Out: 5 Ways You Can Help Your Children Have An “Ecz-ellent” Summer - GymFitly - Health and Fitness

School’s Out: 5 Ways You Can Help Your Children Have An “Ecz-ellent” Summer

Pencils are down, and summer is here! Many children look forward to attending summer camp, but for children with eczema, camp activities can be overshadowed by the stress of managing symptoms in the summer heat, when sweat and sun can trigger symptoms. Children’s e-book My ECZ-ellent Day at Camp demonstrates how eczema can affect children not just physically, but emotionally. Written for parents and caregivers, it shares the story of Taylor, a child with eczema, experiencing the first day at camp. Inspired by Taylor’s story, here are five ways you can help your child navigate their eczema this summer:

1. Keep It Cool

Eczema can be challenging at any time of year, but in the summer, wearing loose-fitting clothing can help children with the condition stay cool and confident. Encourage your child to try on light, long-sleeve shirts and relaxed, wide-leg pants, as these can cover rashes and provide comfort for camp activities.

2. The Power of Choice

In My ECZ-ellent Day at Camp, Taylor learns how there are always choices to explore to have fun throughout everyday camp activities without worrying about triggering eczema symptoms. Focus on normalizing different activity options with your child and inspire them to feel comfortable with having fun in unique ways.

3. Maintain an Open Dialogue

It can be difficult for your child to explain their eczema — that’s why speaking openly about the condition is essential. has a variety of resources and tools for you to help educate your children about their eczema, so they can communicate clearly to peers and overcome the stigma that can come with symptoms.

4. Making Connections

As Taylor discovers in My ECZ-ellent Day at Camp, there are always opportunities to make new friends at camp. Help your child to see how eczema doesn’t have to hold them back from connecting with others and highlight how new peers can become key support systems for them as they navigate life with the condition.

5. Your Child Is More Than Their Eczema

There is a misperception that eczema is “just” a skin condition. But in reality, it’s way more than that, and it’s important to teach children that our differences are what make us unique. Empower your child to view their eczema as their strength rather than a burden, like Taylor does at camp.

Visit to read My ECZ-ellent Day at Camp and discover more resources to help your children cope with the physical and emotional challenges of eczema.


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