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5 ways science and nature can benefit wellness - GymFitly - Health and Fitness

5 ways science and nature can benefit wellness

Authored and Sponsored by Natean

In recent years, wellness has become more top of mind for many of us. Our wellbeing is directly affected by the choices we make such as how we work, travel, decompress and care for our bodies. Because of this it is important to ensure our daily routines prioritize our wellbeing and we take a holistic approach to wellness. Consider the following to develop a more conscious and healthy routine:

1) Spend time with nature

A study conducted by Scientific Report found that being in nature, or even viewing scenes of nature, can help boost your mood, and that spending just two hours each week engaging with nature is associated with increased health and wellbeing.[1] Whether that means finding time to get outdoors for a walk, standing barefoot on the grass to feel it beneath us, or opening a window to let natural light in and breathe in the fresh air, any combination of this where we are interacting or immersing oneself in natural surroundings can help us feel good.

2) Experiment with DIY housekeeping

Warmer weather might cue an annual household purge, but before we start to scrub, we should look at the ingredients in the cleaning products we are using to see if they could be harmful to people, pets or the environment. As an alternative, try a down-to-earth remedy that uses natural chemistry to get the job done. Mix equal parts distilled white vinegar and water, adding sprigs of fresh mint and juice from half of a lemon, for a crisp smelling DIY cleaner. Or, sprinkle baking soda on tough stovetop messes, followed by a spritz of homemade cleaner for a bubbling, grease-lifting reaction.

3) Engage your sense of smell

Scientific research shows our sense of smell plays a major role in our lives and has a strong influence on our emotions.[2] Engaging our sense of smell can have a short-term scientifically proven effect on our wellbeing and individuals may find different scents that are personal to them, to have a mood boosting effect.[3] With a few drops of essential oils or natural extracts of choice on a strategically placed cotton ball around the home, in your pocket or your car cup holder, any space can be transformed into a sensationally engaging or nature-inspired wellness experience.

4) Shop with a conscience

Shopping for personal care items that are people- and planet-friendly is one way to choose to care for ourselves and our surroundings simultaneously. Products like the new line of toothpaste from Natean, which uses consciously chosen ingredients and science-backed formulas, help provide essential oral care benefits such as whitening, cavity protection and tartar control with a twice-daily brushing routine, contributing to our overall wellness. Plus, Natean products are packaged in tubes made with post-consumer recycled (PCR) material and all their packaging is recyclable which helps us take care of the one planet we call home.[4] The mouth is a window to your wellness so choosing products that support good oral health for you and your family is important. For more information, visit

5) Arm yourself with altruism

Treating others how you would like to be treated is age-old advice, but what many do not realize is that the scientific benefit behind this principle may be invaluable to our wellness. Bioethics studies revealed that altruistic acts may trigger the brain to release feel-good chemicals, which can have a positive effect on our health and potentially even our longevity.[5] Be kind and devote time to do good deeds for others, like donating items you no longer use (which also helps reduce waste) or dedicating some time to volunteer for a cause you are passionate about. You will find that by doing so you are not only helping others, but you’re also benefitting your own health as well.

Prioritizing our wellbeing, alongside having an eco-conscious mindset, can offer a variety of wellness benefits. A simple swap of single-use plastics to post-consumer recycled (PCR) materials, reconnecting with nature and incorporating more conscious habits and products into our lives are easy ways to improve overall wellbeing. By leaning on nature and science, it is possible to improve your sense of balance and wellness.

[4] *The cap is recyclable only in select communities that have appropriate recycling facilities.

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